Home staging, in today's challenging real estate market, gives sellers a real advantage!  In fact, it is one of the first benefits of my service that I discuss when talking to home owners who are thinking of selling their homes.

In the present real estate market, your home really must stand out from its competition.  Regardless of size, style or other specific features, the majority of buyers are looking for updated homes that are in good condition.  Your home has to make a great first impression and grasp the attention of the buyer from start to finish.  With appealing staging, buyers will notice your home's best assets and they will feel ‘at home’ from the moment they approach the front door.

Before we list a home for sale, my team and I walk the property, both interior and exterior, examining the home’s features and condition.  We also shoot some photographs so that we can determine generally how the house will present itself to buyers around the world on the internet, when listed.

At that time, we note items which would benefit from repair as well as the areas where staging will have the greatest impact.  We usually point out a few items to the owners, suggesting some ways they might improve their property, thereby increasing the value and or the speed at which their property is likely to sell.

Some of our suggestions may include the following:

De-clutter – Cluttered countertops, table tops and other flat surfaces can make a room look small and cramped. Take a look around each room.  Select the items that you can live without while your property is listed and pack those items away.  Other items which you might need can be arranged in plastic containers and stored in less visible places, for easy access.

Repaint – If your rooms are painted very intense colors that might not have broad appeal or if they have faded or chipped paint or busy wall paper, consider removing the wall paper and painting in more neutral colors. These features can distract buyers causing them to think that your house needs an abundance of costly changes in order to meet their needs.  They can also cause a buyer to miss some of the positive features such as space, layout, sunlight, windows, storage space, hardwood floors, etc.  Wall paper is a particular deterrent. It is rare that two people would have chosen the exact same wallpaper for a particular room.   Buyers always see wall paper removal as an overwhelming chore or as an expensive job. It is one more task they will need to complete to make the home their own. A fresh coat of paint makes a house look clean and well cared for.  If somewhat neutral, it also presents a blank canvas which might easily accommodate a new buyer’s furnishings.

Rearrange – One of the main steps in staging is placement of furniture throughout the house.  Arranging furniture in a certain way can open up rooms, promote flow from one room to the next, and create an environment that allows the buyers to picture themselves living in the home and envision how their personal items would fit. Instead of purchasing new furniture, we often suggest moving furniture from one room to another or borrowing a few pieces from friends and family and maybe storing some extra pieces in the garage, basement, attic, at a friend’s house or in an inexpensive storage facility for a short time until the house is sold. 

Clean – Perhaps a no-brainer but crucial for each showing!  Never under estimate the power of a clean and appealing front entry, a neat living room, vacuumed carpet, polished floors and clean countertops!

Once convinced that home staging will help them to sell faster and for more money, home sellers often ask the next question, ‘How much will this cost me?’ The good news is you have options! In addition to the services we offer, I have a database of professional stagers with whom I have worked closely over the years.   Many will offer a free consultation, allowing you to explore many options before making any significant investment.