Unexpected Guests!

You are planning to sell and have listed your home with a professional real estate agent. The For Sale sign is up, and your home is being advertised. You can hardly wait to get a buyer.

Now it is Sunday and your doorbell rings. The couple at your door explains that they saw your sign and they wonder if you would mind if they took a look at your home. Your agent had advised that buyers would call their agent or your agent for an appointment, but you don’t like the thought of losing a possible buyer so you give them a tour of your home. Are you doing the right thing? Probably not.

Although no real harm is done by allowing prospects to see your home, you may lose the opportunity to have them purchase it.  By setting an appointment through your agent, prospective buyers are first qualified. This important step in the selling process allows the agent to spend time with the prospects and to understand their needs and abilities to secure financing and make a purchase. 

By first establishing rapport with buyers, your agent can develop a clear picture of the features and amenities offered by your home which match those desired by prospects. Then, when showing your home, special attention can be given to the buyers’ needs. Answers to buyers’ questions about mortgages, interest rates, and closing costs can be quickly provided and buyers can make an informed decision.

Your agent knows that homes sell as the result of a process, not a single showing. Appointments to show your home will be made only after determining that prospects are motivated to make a purchase, and financially able to complete it. After the showing, your agent will ask for feedback, answer objections, and demonstrate offsetting benefits of your home. Avoid unexpected guests and make the most of each showing of your home. Refer all inquiries to your agent.  Lastly, if your house weren’t on the market for sale, would you really feel safe escorting complete strangers through your home?  Consider the risks to you, your home and your family.

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