Happy Spring! After the long and very cold Winter we endured in CT, it is nice to finally see the sun and feel a little warmth.  We are very excited to hear birds chirping and see the green tips of spring flowers finally poking through the ground.  But with the joy of Spring, comes the list of Spring maintenance projects, which can be overwhelming for CT homeowners. Over the next few months, we will help by grouping projects into manageable check lists. Our first list includes indoor projects surrounding your home’s heating and A/C systems.  Handy home owners who have the time and know-how might be able to do some or all of this themselves and others should hire a professional:

  • Replace A/C Filter
  • Check A/C coolant levels
  • Vacuum A/C return ducts to remove dust
  • Flush out sediment in your gas or electric water heater to prevent particle build up
  • Hire a professional service your oil-fired water heater every 6 months
  • Clean outdoor A/C condenser unit prior to cooling season
  • Access wall or window A/C units for cleaning

It is important to have a professional check heating and A/C systems regularly to ensure proper performance. Keep your service records for review in the event you change maintenance companies, they change ownership or for buyers if you should decide to sell your home.  Annual service records go a long way in showing potential buyers that the home has been well maintained.