No Time Like The First Time

If you are contemplating the purchase of your first home, congratulations! As you probably know, buying a home is one of the biggest financial commitments you can make. It is also a process filled with emotion, and a touch of anxiety. To help keep you sleeping soundly, here are answers to three big questions that concern many potential first-time homeowners.

Question #1: How do I decide what to look for in a home?

It’s easier than you think. Sit yourself down and list what’s important to you in a home. The purchase of every home involves making tradeoffs, so be sure to prioritize your list.

One element is architectural style. Do you prefer a Colonial, a Cape Cod or a modern look? An important factor to consider is living space. How much room do you need right now, and to meet anticipated needs?

Make a list of features that must be a part of your home. Perhaps that Olympic-size pool and tennis court can be put off for another day, but you may absolutely need an eat-in kitchen NOW! It’s all a matter of your taste and personal style.

Question #2: Where should I begin the search?

That old real estate adage about “location, location, location” aside, choosing where to live is usually determined by your personal circumstances and desires. Do you have a particular community, or even a particular block, in mind?

What is it about the location of your new home that is most important to you? Do you prefer an urban, suburban or rural setting? Consider proximity to work, schools, shopping, entertainment and houses of worship. Once you’ve narrowed your list of potential candidates, the Internet can be an excellent tool for learning what a particular community has to offer.

Question #3: How can I find financing that makes sense for me?

Interest rates are lower than we’ve seen in decades. Still, the last thing you want to do is start out in your first home saddled with an uncomfortable level of debt. Seeking the advice of a professional who can give you the lowdown on financing options that match your qualifications is a big step in the right direction.

Once you’ve narrowed your search, talk to a real estate professional that serves the community you’d like to call home. Cheryl Scott-Daniels Group and ERA Select Homes associates are trained to guide you through your purchase every step of the way. Our Web site,, brings up-to-date listings directly to you. We work closely with lenders who can offer loan programs designed to meet the needs of qualified first-time homebuyers.

The path to finding your first home is sure to be full of twists and turns. Once you’re armed with the answers to the big questions, the search can be fulfilling, and even fun!